Web Maintenance

Need to add a couple of new pages to your site, or just change some text?

At Design Max we can make most of your changes in just a couple of hours. and if its just a matter of the changes above we should have it done within the hour!

Updates or modifications to new or existing sites is one of the flexibilities of the web - and one of our specialities.

Our Web Maintenance rates are:

$60/half hour and we offer a 50% discount for sites we have created.

Give us a call (02 9699 1755)- point us to your site and we'll give you a great price!

What we can do for your current web site

  • Optimise your current web site to achieve the higher rate in the search engine.
  • Create mail form for your customer order form, customer comment form, contact form and so on.
  • Convert your current web site to online shopping cart site with database driven.
  • Change a look of your site, but still remain the current information.
  • Update your website, add new pages.