Web Concept Reference

Web site design
Web site design is where the site content is created and assembled into pages. Quality web site design is critical to entice your audience and project a professional image.

Theme design
Theme design creates the look and feel for your site. Themes mix visual design concepts such as color, shape, and metaphor with site navigation functionality. A theme must grab your audience's attention and motivate them to explore further.

Production processing
Production processing makes site content 'web ready'. Graphics are compressed into web formats, text are translated into electronic form (if it is not already), and multi-media are processed accordingly. While production processing is a fairly strait-forward process it can be time consuming.

Web page development
Web page development is where site content, and client scripting are integrated into HTML/XML pages. Quality page development requires knowledge of all aspects of site design.

e-Commerce is a special web application that allows users to browse products and make online purchases with a credit card. e-Commerce is a very popular mechanism for companies large and small to sell their wares on a world-wide market.

Merchant / Gateways
Merchant accounts and processing gateways are Internet services that enable online processing of credit cards. Online merchant accounts are variations of the traditional credit card processing used by retail stores and phone order houses. A business must qualify for merchant account; each provider has a different set of requirements.

Search Engine
A search engine allows people to find web pages/sites that contain a given keyword phrase. When a user enters and makes a query the engine returns the pages/sites that it determines to best match the search criteria. Each search engine has its own method of indexing a page/site to determine which ones rank best.

Search Keywords
Keyword phrases are the words and control symbols used as query input for a database search. They are most commonly used in reference to web page search engines where the keywords describe the content the searcher is seeking.

Web Server
A web server is a computer with special software to host web pages and web applications. Web server's traditional function has been to serve static HTML (and more recently XML) pages. As the Internet has become more functional, i.e. e-commerce and dynamic sites, increasing emphasis is placed on a servers ability to host web applications.

Web Hosting
Web hosting provides a HTML/XML server and networking that allows the public Internet, or private Intranet, to access your pages. The scripts for web applications and e-commerce also reside on a hosting server. All web sites must be hosted, whether on your own internal servers or through the 3rd party hosting services.